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Spitznagel designs and builds small transformers (from 0.25 to 45 VA) as well as other inductors (transducers, restrictors and solenoids) for any kind of application.
Thanks to our extensive inventory of standard transformers, we can respond to your needs quickly and flexibly. We also can custom build devices according to your specifications. Here too, we can respond quite rapidly, sending you samples in just a week's time. Simply contact us, we look forward to assisting you with your project!

Our Claim

Spitznagel focuses on superb quality and workmanship to build long-lasting transformers. Our ultra-precision manufacturing methods include computerized
inspection of 100% of all our output.

Our Experience

Millions of Spitznagel transformers have found applications all over the world for over 40 years. Beyond our knowledge of transformers, we have acquired
extensive expertise in certification by pooling our resources on countless projects. We are familiar with international specifications and know what to look out for.
Avail yourself of our knowledge – don't hesitate to ask us.