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Spitznagel HF inductors and restrictors offer performance, reliability, and safety



We offer high-frequency transducers and restrictors for any kind of application.

  • Up to 1,100V of input voltage
  • EE, ETD, EFD, ET, RM, UI, UT etc. configurations
  • up to 8mm of creepage distance
  • THT, SMD mountings




Our HF inductors are highly reliable thanks to our comprehensive quality control. We inspect 100% of our output.

  • Inductivity
  • Transmittance
  • Insulating strength
  • Winding direction


We adhere to the following safety norms in building transducers and restrictors

  • EN 60950, EN 61558, EN 60065, EN 60335,
    EN 60938-2


Custom Design

We design transducers and restrictors according to your specifications or according to ICs of Power Integration, ON Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Infineon, and others. We will deliver a custom-designed sample in just a week's time.

Und wir sind schnell: Die Muster für Ihre Sonderanfertigung schicken wir Ihnen innerhalb nur einer Woche zu.