Spitznagel transformers can withstand power surges of up
to 12,000V.

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Even extreme temperature fluctuations don't bother our transformers.

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Custom-made samples can be
ready within a week.

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Robust, custom-made Spitznagel transformers are real specialists.


Welcome to Spitznagel!

Our product range includes small transformers up to 100 VA as well as other inductors such as transducers, restrictors or solenoids for a wide range of applications.

Our innovative production and comprehensive testing methods guarantee first-rate quality that fits your budget.

Neben preiswerten Standard-Trafos bieten wir Ihnen ganz nach Ihren Wünschen auch maßgeschneiderte Sonderanfertigungen.
We are able to develop and build transformers according to your specific needs. Simply let us know what you need and we will provide you with a sample in very short time (usually within a week).

Our transformers

Our advantages:

  • long life
  • high power density
  • ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures (-40° C to +120° C)
  • safety insulation
    (voltage surges up to 12,000 V)
  • international seals of approval
    (VDE, UL, CSA)
  • custom manufacturing
    (samples are ready within a week)



Switch power supplies
PCB-modules 2 - 5 W


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